Core KPIs outperformed by the Temporal Blockchain

The Temporal Blockchain is the blockchain of the future.

With multiple options to choose from it can be problematic deciding the most suitable blockchain platform to support a specific business need. Below we highlight the Performance, insights and advantages to the Temporal Blockchain that shows we are the blockchain of choice.

Speed Scalability Security Sustainability
Temtum Speed Live @ 120,000 TPS, Lab @ 1.5M TPS Scalability Cars, Watches, Drones Security Quantum Secure Sustainability Carbon Neutral
Bitcoin Speed 7 TPS Scalability Exhaustive Hardware Security Known Vulnerabilities Sustainability 41 TW/3.9 BN/KG of Carbon
Nano Speed 750 TPS Scalability Light-Client Hardware Security No Known Tests/Research Sustainability 0.112 KW
QTum Speed 10K TPS (Testnet) Scalability Exhaustive Hardware Security Post-Quantum Proof Sustainability High Hardware & Local Storage
Visa Speed 24K TPS Scalability Centralised Data Centres Security Known Vulnerabilities Sustainability Uncalculated Multiples of BTC
Hedera Speed 10K TPS (Testnet) Scalability Permissioned DAG Security No Known Tests/Research Sustainability Uncalculated

Temporal Blockchain

Fastest implemented Blockchain network based on open-source standards

120,000+ TPS; validated by the British Standards Institution

Near instant settlement

Quantum resistant cryptography

Proprietary consensus mechanism utilizing quantum entanglement

Immediate scalability for millions of users

Near zero, carbon neutral energy usage

Fully programmable Smart Contracts – both public and private

TEM mainnet

TEM mainnet was deployed on the Temporal Blockchain on July 11, 2019

Settles via the temtum (TEM) digital token

Web, Android, iOS, and SMS wallet interface deployed Q4 2019

24/7 Mobile Access and SMS Transfers (works on any mobile phone)

SWIFT Interface for global fiat currency conversion

Programmable micro payments

No network fee

Temporal Blockchain creating a new world of financial freedom

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