Temporal Blockchain

Ultra-fast Secure
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The operating system for the next phase of digitalisation.

The Future of Blockchain

Temtum Group is a UK-based advanced technology business focused on blockchain, AI and cybersecurity that has launched the game-changing Temporal Blockchain with a live mainnet created by internationally recognised cryptography and cybersecurity experts and millions of dollars spent in design, build and launch. Creating a blockchain that is immediately scalable for millions of users.

The Temporal Blockchain Advantage

Ultra-fast, infinitely scalable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and quantum secure, there has never been a better time to consider a better blockchain technology.

Lightning fast

At 120,000+ transactions per second throughput, we believe the Temporal Blockchain is the only implemented blockchain that exceeds the 56,000tps capacity of the VISA network – with the potential for 1 million+ transactions per second.

Quantum secure

The Temporal Blockchain has been designed with next-generation security in mind. Whilst most blockchains are open to exploitation by sophisticated hackers, the Temporal Blockchain is a quantum-secure blockchain network.

Lightweight scalability

The Temporal Blockchain eliminates the need to store the entire chain history by archiving data and preventing competition in node selection. This significantly reduces resource requirements allowing anyone to fully participate in the network, delivering infinite scalability.

Energy-efficient and carbon-neutral

The Temporal Blockchain Consensus Algorithm removes the need for blockchain mining and wasteful, inefficient and restrictive Consensus mechanisms – it uses substantially less energy and has a radically reduced environmental impact.

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Temporal Blockchain is the architecture for the next evolution of data transmission.

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