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Temtum has set out to solve the inherent problems faced by other blockchain networks both now and in the most technologically advanced of futures, where speed, scalability, security and resource requirements continue to limit adoption or successful deployment. The Temporal Blockchain, combined with Temtum’s innovative Consensus Algorithms and AI powered Performance Integrity Protocol, removes network competition, drastically improves network efficiency and uses a source of light for quantum effect randomness. The result is a fast, quantum secure, environmentally friendly and highly scalable blockchain network.

We believe in the power of blockchain

It provides amazing opportunities that have so far barely been touched on. For blockchain to thrive, it now needs to take the next step in its evolution. That’s where Temtum comes in. Temtum can help to create a secure and resilient system for transactions and data transmission. It is a future that does not destroy the environment. A future for everyone, wherever they live in the world, in which the benefits are available and accessible for all. We have not only seen this positive future, we have designed the technology, built it, tested it and mapped out how it will be implemented.

Temtum builds on the significant opportunities of blockchain technology and overcomes many of the existing limitations faced by current peer-to-peer networks, which means that they have only been adopted in a limited way. As such, Temtum offers a giant leap forward with technology that has the potential to meaningfully transform the way that data and value is globally exchanged and stored. Perhaps the greatest leap forward of all is that it can be run on almost any device connected to the internet – including smartphones and IoT devices, cars and drones. Our integration of the Temtum network in a BMW i8 is a world-first in terms of using a car as a full node in a network, without the need for additional hardware. This makes it accessible to ordinary people who have so far largely been excluded from the benefits of blockchain technology.

Temporal Blockchain technology transforms the way the blockchain works by reconstructing how peer-to-peer networks scale. It operates with less power, energy and storage, and processes transactions on very low-resourced devices at extremely high speeds, with an unparalleled degree of security. The Temtum network can be scaled rapidly and at minimal cost. Temtum eliminates the need for centralized pools of specialized hardware, delivering a blockchain network that’s environmentally conscious and can be run on any device connected to the web – even a smartphone.

This means that our vision of a truly decentralised, fully scalable network that can be placed in the hands of the many rather than the few is fully achievable. Yet with previous blockchain technology – which theoretically supported a similar vision – that simply wasn’t the case. Our technology innovations have supported the necessary evolution of blockchain, which in turn means that Temtum represents a compelling mass-market proposition at a global level.

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