TEM Mainnet Payment System

The TEM mainnet is a live, global payments system created on the Temporal Blockchain and designed to be the most advanced payments system in the world – a new paradigm for fast, cheap, high volume domestic / cross-border payments for goods and services and other payment transfers. Temtum has created its own digital currency – “temtum” or “TEM” – to serve as the settlement currency for the TEM mainnet.

TEM is listed on Probit with a trading pair against Bitcoin.

Due to the low cost and superior functionality of the patented Temporal Blockchain technology used in the TEM mainnet, the TEM mainnet is a game-changer for less developed countries:

  • Micro payments can be made without disproportionate fee charges / delays
  • System is accessible via SMS text from basic non-smartphone mobiles (ideal for countries with low levels of internet penetration, poor infrastructure or limited bank networks)

The TEM mainnet can be white-labelled via a Branded Wallet and Debit Card combination structure to create an institutional own-brand payment system

  • Secure App / SMS Text payments: system that enables unbanked clients to make / receive payments throughout the TEM mainnet; can work on smartphone or non-smartphone mobile technology (via SMS text message)
  • Debit Cards: utility expanded to non-networked merchants via establishment of Debit Card mechanism to enable spend with merchants on everyday transactions

The TEM mainnet may be sponsored by parties that bring users to the network, e.g.:

  • National governments that make their citizens aware of the potential and uses of the TEM mainnet and provide a route for their citizens to register as users / KYC on the network
  • Businesses / institutions looking to provide a ready-made advanced payments / transfer system to their user base; the TEM mainnet can be white-labelled or branded for the business with unique corporate wallet structures

Under sponsorship agreements, proceeds of the sale of TEM generated in dealing with the sponsor’s user base / community may be invested by Temtum into infrastructure, development projects, not-for-profit concerns, etc, bringing benefits back to the sponsor’s user base / local community.

Sponsors may also benefit from an agreed ongoing share of periodic transaction fees charged on the TEM mainnet

  • Unlike existing blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the low-cost nature of the TEM mainnet allows base transaction fees to be set at a purely nominal level to cover KYC costs and to incentivize operators of nodes
  • Branding / white-labelling of local wallets for a Sponsor can allow the Sponsor to access network fees across the Sponsor’s user / community base, generating an ongoing revenue stream for the Sponsor.

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