DeFi / STOs (Security Token Offerings)

For investors (e.g. institutions, HNW, UHNW, etc), Temtum systems can provide access to a range of tokenised financial products (commodities, infrastructure, real estate, assets, shares, bonds, etc), and a trading platform for secondary trading (decentralized and/or centralized) giving the ability to re-trade private equity / illiquid investments.

For businesses (e.g. corporates, SMEs, etc), Temtum systems can provide fund-raising, corporate finance, trading and treasury solutions via blockchain, removing costs and issues involved in settlement and custody and providing a powerful incubation & growth platform for the businesses of the future.

Platforms are built on Temporal Blockchain as private networks with an AML-KYC / qualifying investor portal, as either:

  • CENEX – a centralized trading network that connects buyers and sellers via a central counterparty that acts as a custodian / nominee of the network assets
  • DEX – a decentralized data network that enables direct peer-to-peer trading, and does not hold central custody of assets

For CENEX, the Temporal Blockchain is ideal for high frequency trading / exchanges, with ultra-fast, low cost, secure clearing/settlement of digital assets such as electronic stock transfers. Transactions can be confirmed as fast as the network transmits the transaction (120,000+ transactions per second).

As DEX have fewer centralized components, they may provide more suitable solutions for less traded or illiquid assets, including small-scale cost-efficient corporate fund-raising, with separate blockchains for each investment.

Investor benefits:

  • Access to bespoke investments – provide access to a range of interesting or bespoke investments in a user-friendly manner, solving a key problem for many investors
  • Ability to exit – overcome investor dislike of illiquid / closed-end investments by providing them with the ability to exit investments when they choose in order to re-position or utilize their funds as their circumstances change, which can increase their interest in investing into assets which are higher return but less liquid or longer-term
  • Trading income / return – trading can allow investors to realize trading returns and/or reduce downside risk
  • Administration – streamlined administration and management of investments

Business benefits:

  • Access to investors – as investments could subsequently be re-traded on the blockchain, the potential access to liquidity for investors could incentivize investors to invest, and to invest in larger amounts
  • Bespoking – maximum flexibility to meet issuer requirements
  • Administration – blockchain can enable streamlined administration and management for issuers of dividends, corporate actions, etc – this may lead issuers to “push” existing investments onto the platform
  • Investor / market awareness of issuer – could serve as preparation for listing on stock exchanges

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