Fintech / Banking & Financial Services

With its speed and scalability, the Temporal Blockchain provides the perfect infrastructure solution for payment systems & management of financial instruments – including issuance, trading and settlement via smart contracts.

Payment Systems

Temtum offers sound, fast, low cost, trust-worthy payment systems that are open to the unbanked, with no need for physical branches, enabling everyday payment solutions that are accessible to remote / unbanked users (capable of operating via SMS text), with Debit Cards enabling global cross-currency payment with merchants.

Cross-border remittance charges using existing payment systems are stubbornly high and can still top 5% in South Asia and 9% in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a prime area where fast, low-cost technology can take the place of high-cost physical branches and capture the business of the unbanked.

Economies with significant unbanked populace typically have limited infrastructure development and low internet penetration rates, but high penetration of non-smartphone mobile phones, and a young tech-savvy population. Given low levels of internet penetration – but high levels of mobile penetration – use of a blockchain system that can send or receive payments by SMS text can effectively enable the creation of a widely accessible, trusted, low-cost banking payment network

Financial Instruments

A financial institution partner can utilize the Temporal Blockchain to tokenise assets such as bonds, shares, real estate, currencies, private equity, etc with no back-office settlement requirements

Unlike other blockchains, tokens issued on the Temporal Blockchain can be traded and settled instantly in real time with virtually zero network energy usage or operating costs, on a quantum secure basis

Consequently, the Temporal Blockchain can be used to enable the financial institution partner to leapfrog incumbent institutions with cutting-edge quantum secure IT infrastructure – the future of payments & financial services

Quantum secure

The Temporal Blockchain is quantum secure – a future-proof system.

Quantum computers present a hacking risk to existing financial systems and to other blockchains – in October 2019, Google published an article confirming they had achieved “quantum supremacy” in undertaking a task in 200 seconds which would take a state-of-the-art classical supercomputer approximately 10,000 years.

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